About Us

TAP – Transylvania Adventure Park

~ Extreme your Mind ~


TAP – promotes and creates the opportunity for those with a spirit of adventure yearning to be carried away by adrenalin to try themselves in a wide range of extreme situations involving various machines and acquiring unforgettable experiences that inspire their spirit and stretch their mind to the extreme.
We organize tours, putting our machines at your service on various roads such as our enduro track, in the woodmany more amas, and zing places in Romania’s unique and enchanting region of Transyltovania. All urs come with professional guides, while accommodation and other leisure activities may also be included in our tour packages.

Try out our variety of vehicles:

• Side-by-Side Vehicles such as CAN AM Maverick X3, Trail DPS 800, etc.

• Enduro Motorcycles

• ATVs such as CAN AM Outlander
• Three-Wheeled Motorcycles (so-called trikes) such as CAN AM Spyder F3
• Snowmobiles from Skidoo
• Gyrocopters – demo flights with professional pilots.


The clubhouse was founded in July 2018 with the ambition to serve the needs of our growing local rider community so that they can enjoy using a wide range of off-road and road/machines. Our goal is to establish a club where our clients can make use of additional facilities and high-quality amenities.

TAP is a club for SSV, ATV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, and Trike lovers. We are all riders and passionate about the sport. Our vision is a club where the riding community can ride, hang out, socialize, and have fun. The club offers: enduro track, prologue track, out rides, SSV, ATV and Spyder tours, clubhouse, billiard, bike wash, accessories shop, and safe parking.


Here you can find our own enduro prologue and race track, with a large selection of obstacles. Including jumps, doubles, tyres, logs, balance beams, rubble, and more. The track is suitable for any riding levels.

Own bikes are welcome, but there is the possibility to rent professional enduro motorcycles from Beta Romania.


  • Enduro Trainings – with professional and experienced riders on the track or in the surroundings, in the woods, on different paths for different riders.
  • Close to the track, we have accommodation, toilet facilities as well as showers, jet wash, and a neat parking area.