Custom 5 Day Tour

Custom 5 Day Tour



What we offer:

  • accommodation of high standards for 4 nights (wellness and spa included)
  • demi-pension: breakfast and dinner
  • off-road tours with three days driving
  • driving distance: approx. 300–380 km
  • airport transfer (back and forth for 6-8 persons)
  • user-friendly, comfortable vehicles (CAN AM Maverick X3, CAN AM Maverick Trail)
  • unforgettable experience for families and friends
  • great opportunity to experience the forests and rocky roads, see wild animals
  • experienced guide
  • driving techniques on off-roads
  • fuel, instructions, technical assistance, vehicle & mechanic
  • protective accessories: helmet, goggles
  • gift

5-Day SSV Tour Program

Day 1

  • Arrival at the destination : Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita County, Romania;
  • Checking in to Septimia Hotel & Spa Resort (;
  • Welcome dinner and short briefing about the upcoming adventure.

Day 2

  • Start from Odorheiu Secuiesc to Gheorgeni through the wilderness, on off roads with amazing view.
  • Driving distance between 100 and 130 km.
  • We visit the Zetea Dam – one of the biggest dams in the area, collecting water and supplying it for the city and the surrounding villages.
  • On the way to our accommodation, we can visit Lazar Castle, dating from the 16th
  • After visiting the castle, we climb up to the Piricske Peak, where we can see the whole Gheorgeni Valley from an epic viewpoint.
  • Accommodation in the wilderness at:

Day 3

  • The adventure continues from Gheorgeni to the top of the highest mountain in the area, the Harghita Mountains (1,800 m).
  • On the way to the Harghita Mountains, taking a short detour, we visit the Bicaz Valley and the Red lake:
  • Driving distance between 100 and 120 km
  • Accommodation at:

Day 4

  • From the Harghita Mountains, we climb down to Odorheiu Secuiesc, visiting the Almási Caves and the Vargyas Valley, Nature Reserve.


  • Driving distance is between 100 and 130 km, through the mountain peaks, across the land of the bears and wolves.
  • Return to Septimia Hotel & Spa Resort (

Day 5


  • 500€ /2 seater Vehicle 800€/4seater Vehicle
  • Vehicles can only be used with parental control under 14 years.
  • Each participant must have a casualty or tourist insurance

Payment by credit card at the company’s website. Or bank transfer.

The prices does not include VAT

*Please mind that: any damage occurred for the vehicle or any injury what happen at the tour, is the costumer’s responsibility and the material damage will be charged.       

See more details in the Waiver Agreement.

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